There are SO many people that have made Fontaine Forge possible. We wanted to acknowledge those that have helped us become who we are today. First, thank you to all those that have supported us by purchasing our products. Our customers are very important to us. A HUGE thank you goes out to each and everyone one of you! We know we couldn’t be Fontaine Forge without our customers behind us! Thank you!

Kevin's Grandfather

Special acknowledgment to Kevin’s grandfather, Grandpa “Woody”. The original “Knifemaker” of the family. He bought Kevin’s first knife and started this journey. He could literally sharpen anything!

Thank you Brian Evelich of Faith and Fire Forge! We appreciate all you have done to help Fontaine Forge! It is a great “partnership”! You have been a huge part of this journey and your instruction and guidance, not only in bladesmithing but everything else is appreciated. But especially thank you for your friendship!

Big thanks to Julie Kieras at Happy Strong Home. This website is up and running because of her. Thank you for all the time you invested in creating this site and teaching us what to do (Especially the teaching part…we know that was the most challenging). Your continued support means a ton!


Huge thanks to Dave Howard who took our doodles on post-it notes and turned them into our logo and makers mark. Also thanks for the editing of our YouTube videos!

The blacksmithing journey began at Old Sturbridge Village. The smiths there devoted the time to teach Aric the skills needed to become a blacksmith while he was an intern. They helped shape his future endeavors into blade making. He is especially thankful to Rob Lyon and Derek Heidemann who took the time to develop his skills and teach him traditional blacksmithing.

To our friends that support us in every step we take…we thank you! Knowing you have our backs means SO much!

THANK YOU to our family! We know there is no way we could do this without all the support from each and everyone one of you. Especially Sara, Karlene, Alisha, and Brittney….thank you for understanding the hours we spend in the shop. We know it is a sacrifice on your part. We love you all! Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to make our dreams come true. We couldn’t do it without you!

Finally and most importantly, Thank you to our Savior Jesus Christ. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without knowing the Lord as our personal savior. John 3:16.